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How it works


How do we join the scheme and how do we buy produce? 

You join the scheme by becoming a member (click the box at the top of the page). Once joined, there are two ways to buy produce:

Flexible farm shop: Our online farm shop opens on the 1st June every year right through to December, and you can buy produce to suit you. There is no need to order the same items, or to order every week. You then collect your order from our collection hub in Llanfyllin every Thursday (Llanfyllin market). Orders need to be placed before midnight every Sunday for collection the following Thursday.

Regular box share: You can order one of our regular box's (actually it comes in a recyclable bag) on a weekly subscription basis, which run for a set period of 21 weeks from the 1st Monday in June. There are just 30 Shares available, and you can purchase these now from the online farm shop - your share subscription will be secured by a one off payment relative to the value of one weeks produce. The remaining 20 weeks payments will be arranged via a PayPal subscription a week prior to the box scheme commencing in June. Your regular investment is rewarded with extra produce when harvests are good. You can either have your box delivered (extra £1.75 per week within 15 miles Llanfyllin) or pick it up from our collection hub at Llanfyllin market every Thursday as above. You make this choice at check out.

To find out more about whats in a box share click here. To find out more about member options, click below.

Remember, to make this arrangement work, all we ask is that members live roughly within 15 miles of SY22 5NA for delivery. For the online shop, orders need to be with us by midnight every Sunday and this is collection only.

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What is a CSA and why do I need to be a member? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is essentially a way for the community to support and invest in local agriculture through regular commitments of support. This is why we have a membership arrangement and offer 30 shares in our farms produce. Having a share scheme not only enables us to manage our community of customers so it matches our output, but also builds some income security for us and enables us to confidently invest in our production for that year. We will also be inviting CSA members onto the farm for open days, so they can see how their produce is produced, and really get to know where their food comes from. In addition, we will also reward regular custom with extra "box treats"! See the link below for more information on the CSA model. 

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How does the delivery/collection system work?

We deliver box subscriptions to postcodes within 15 miles of SY22 5NA (Llanfyllin). Delivery costs and extra £1.75 per week. Alternatively, you can collect your box from our collection hub in Llanfyllin every Thursday (Llanfyllin market). Either way, your produce will come in a biodegradable paper bag (not a box!), and we are happy to leave this in a safe place. We deliver our boxes every Monday, between 1pm and 8pm, and we aim to pick and pack your produce that morning, or at the very least the day before. We don't deliver online farm shop orders, which you collect from the collection hub every Thursday. You can place your order at any point until midnight on Saturday, at which point availability will be refreshed for the following week.

How can you compete with supermarket prices on such a small scale?

Its tough! We are a very small farm, and grow our produce on just 1 acre. However, we pack a punch. We focus on intensive and regenerative agriculture, which gets the most out of small spaces. We use hand tools, so don't have the expense of mechanisation. Our small scale means we don't need to employ staff, albeit with the odd bit of help, and we use very little packaging and minimal logistics. We also avoid the expense of organic certification, and take the view that you, our customers, hold us to account. However, the most fundamental factor is our direct sales relationship with customers. By bypassing the supermarkets, we avoid the massive margins they demand (usually 70%) and can enjoy 100% of the revenue. Consequently, we are able to offer our produce at a similar price, or sometime cheaper to the supermarkets organic counterparts. Its still difficult, and we work hard - but this model means it is possible for us to get a fair wage, and for you get ethical, quality, locally sourced produce. Why wouldn't you?


Do I need to get a delivery every week, and does my order need to remain the same?

No. Unless of course you choose a regular subscription option. We aim to be flexible, and there is no need to order on a weekly basis, or order the same items if this does not suit you. However, we need to keep an active membership group, so ask our flexible members to try and commit to at least one order a month if at all possible. 

Can I cancel my membership? 

You can cancel your membership at any time and just need to send us an email and allow us 2 weeks notice to find a new member. We will remove you from our database. Its as simple as that - there is no long term commitment.

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Who are the other suppliers?

To add some variety to your orders, we will be aiming to grow relationships with regional small scale suppliers for produce such as free range eggs, preserves, honey, biscuits and handmade soaps. We will take a commission for these sales, so buying these items will help us, although the sales of our own produce will define our success. More importantly, however, by adding these items to your order, you will be helping small artisan industries in your local area to expand and reach more customers. Watch this space.

Who is this scheme for - why should I join?

Our ethos is to be as inclusive as possible, and we try and provide our produce to you at a similar price to the supermarkets organic counterparts, and even some of their standard products - so our appeal is broad.  We won't replace the supermarket, but aim to offer a different, more ethical way of buying certain goods. Moreover, we believe our products will be fresher and therefore superior to supermarket produce, which is often imported, spending days in transit. Our produce is also likely to last a lot longer, given it is picked within hours of delivery. Our ambition is that customers will routinely come to us for the products we offer, and simply omit these from their typical shop order. This way, you will receive good value quality food, whilst also sustaining a small ethical and local enterprise.