Honeyberries (200g)

Honeyberries (200g)


What are Honeyberries? I hear you say! Honeyberries are making waves as the next big thing in fruits. A relative of the honeysuccle, they taste like a cross between a blueberry and raspberry and are packed with vitamin C and antioxidents. 


    All the produce we grow on Smithy Farm is grown using “organic principles”. We are not certified organic; however, we don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilizers and take a natural regenerative approach to the cultivation of our soil. We pick and pack our produce to order the day of delivery, so you receive them as fresh as possible. This means they taste better, and have a longer shelf life. This also enables us to offer some amazing varieties that the supermarket can’t, as they wouldn't survive the lengthy picking, packing, transit and storage process that supermarkets require. None of our produce is packed in plastic, and we take an absolutely minimal approach to packaging, using recyclable or reusable materials, and only when absolutely necessary. We aim for all of our customers to live within a 15-mile radius of our farm, so consider our enterprise to involve very few food miles and to have a minimal impact. 


    We deliver all of our produce to your doorstep free of charge (orders need to be £15 or more), although your post code needs to fall within 15 miles of SY22 5NA – please check with us if you are not sure. Deliveries are made every Monday between 1pm and 8pm, and your produce will be placed in a paper bag. We can leave this in a pre-arranged safe place for you.